Ambassador Program

Hospice of North Central Oklahoma, Inc. ambassador program is to mobilize an informal person-to-person network with the goal of increasing awareness and understanding of hospice care. The purpose of the Hospice of North Central Oklahoma, Inc. ambassador is to spread the word about this difficult, but important topic. Ambassadors are volunteers, staff or board members who took additional training to build their understanding and confidence in what Hospice of North Central Oklahoma, Inc. and the Higher Ground Center for Loss & Education offers and provides every single day and night of the year.

Ambassadors have been a great asset in getting our brochures, fact sheets, candies and gifts, and requested materials to referral sources on a regular basis into the hospitals, nursing facilities, physicians’ offices and clinics in our service area. Ambassadors participate in health fairs and other activities. Ambassadors share the mission, vision and values of Hospice of North Central Oklahoma, Inc. to their circle of influences. Ambassadors dispel the myths and share the facts about our hospice. Ambassadors can open doors for our staff to speak to civic groups, church groups, businesses, schools, etc.

If you are interested in becoming an ambassador or have any questions, please contact the hospice office at (580) 762-9102 or (800) 814-9102.

 Hospice of North Central Oklahoma, Inc. Ambassador Training was held Nov. 9. Pictured, front row left, are Jerry Rogers, Kenneth Wahl, Pam Powers, Marcia Nelson,  Steven Little and Roxanne Waddell, and back row, Joe DeNoya, Linda Sparks, Marcia Caudle, Pam DeNoya, Dale Oard, Linda Boyd, Judy Bales, Dorothy Schardein, Jeri Casey-Nash, Ginger Beck, Cindy Nethken and Rick Waddell.