Dear Friends of Hospice:

The loss of a loved one through death is one of the most difficult experiences we all must face at some point in our lives. However, most of us are not prepared for the journey of grief which faces us after the death. This journey can be frightening, painful, overwhelming, and lonely.

We acknowledge that the road ahead may be difficult for you. During the next year following the death of a loved one, Hospice of North-Central Oklahoma sends out a monthly newsletter to those that has suffered such a lose. These mailings addresses many issues surrounding the grief process. It is our hope that the newsletters will provide you with an understanding of grief as well as some practical suggestions that will aid you as you adapt to your loss and begin to heal.

Hospice care doesn't stop with the death of the patient. The process continues with the bereavement program that Hospice of North Central Oklahoma provides for friends and family. Our bereavement program is not limited to those who have used Hospice of North Central Oklahoma service, rather it is a community resource, free for those who would like a little help in coping with their loss.


The Bereavement team
Cathy Denning, Bereavement Coordinator
Tom Howard