Pet Peace of Mind

The Banfield Charitable Trust (BCT) has announced a new program, Pet Peace of Mind, which recognizes and actively supports the unique bond between hospice patients and their Pets. This groundbreaking national program enables not-for-profit hospice patients to keep their pets at home with them throughout their end-of-life journey.

For many in hospice care, changes in their physical condition lead to a decrease of previously enjoyed social opportunities and relationships. Their pets offer unconditional love, acceptance, comfort and companionship when it’s needed most – the time when friends and family aren’t seen as frequently or when words are too hard to say.

The Pet Peace of Mind program provides helping hands and financial assistance so that caring volunteers are able to help patients with pet care needs. With this loving support, patients are able to complete their end-of-life journey without worrying about their pet’s current or future needs.

Pet Peace of Mind offers to the hospice patient:
  • Assistance with pet food and cat litter
  • Routine veterinarian care for pet health, which can reduce patient stress
  • Transportation to veterinarian appointments
  • Spaying and neutering assistance
  • Pet boarding or sitting in case of patient hospitalization
  • Flea and tick treatment, grooming
  • Pain and comfort medications for elderly pets
  • Volunteer recruitment and training for pet foster homes or temporary housing
  • Pet transportation to nursing facilities to visit owners
This program is not only an exciting service offered to our patients, but truly conveys the value system of our organization, which values the whole person and what is important to the patient and their family.

For more information please contact Melanie Wright, Director of Volunteers & Outreach at (580) 762-9102 or toll free1-800-814-9102

All monies used in the program are designated funds only and general giving to HoNCO does not fund this program. Please designate your giving when giving to the Pet Peace of Mind program.
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