HoNCO Staff

The Hospice team is comprised of many people trained to meet the varying needs of our patients and families. Our nurses, hospice aides, chaplains, allied therapists, social workers, and volunteers give physical, emotional, and spiritual care on an intermittent basis and work with the patient's physician to give the best symptom control possible, while teaching the family to care for their loved one. Our volunteers are always ready to step in and help when needed.


Hospice Aides
Family Service Staff
Office Staff
Durable Medical Equipment Staff
Allied Therapists
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Left to Right:
  • Patti Braden, Chief Financial Officer
    Marta Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer
  • Dr. Karen Adams, Chief Clinical Officer
  • Melanie Wright, Chief Administrative Office

Leadership Team

Front Row: (left to right)
  • Roxanne Waddell, Director of Office Management
  • Nesley Fortenberry, Director of Fundraising & Education
  • Krystal Kimmell, RN, Nurse Manager
  • Kim Wycoff, RN, Nurse Manager
Back Row:  (left to right)
  • Joanne Holman, RN, Nurse Manager
  • Mary Meyers, Director of Patient Accounts & IT
  • Shelley Simon, L.C.S.W., Director of Family Services
  • Donna Lamm, RN, Nurse Manager
  • Steve Barr, Director of Facilities & DME



Nurse Staff Members

Front Row: (left to right)
  • Krystal Kimmell, R.N., Nurse Manager
  • Kim Wyckoff, R.N., Nurse Manager
  • Emily Blake, R.N.
  • Vicki Beck, R.N., BSN
Back Row: (left to right)
  • Pam Lough, R.N., BSN, MA
  • Joanne Holman, R.N., BSN, Nurse Manager
  • Donna Lamm, R.N., CHPN, Nurse Manager
  • Maggie Dew, R.N., BSN, M.A.
  • Vicki Beck, R.N., BSN
  • Sue Ludeman, R.N.
RN = Registered Nurse
BA = Bachelor’s of Arts
BSN = Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing
MA = Master’s of Arts
CHPN = Certified Hospice & Palliative Nurse



Hospice Aide Staff

Left to Right
  • Sharyn Cowan, CNA, HHA, MAT
  • Linda Capps, CNA, HHA, MAT
  • Kelly Smith, CNA, HHA, MAT
  • Carrie Horton, CNA, HHA, MAT
CNA = Certified Nurse Assistant
HHA = Home Health Aide
MAT = Medication Aide Tech

Family Services Staff

Front Row: (left to right)
  • Mike Sweetman, M.Div., Chaplain
  • Cathy Denning, Bereavement Coordinator
  • Trish Wallace, B.A., Social Service Specialist
  • Shelley Simon, L.C.S.W., Director of Family Service & Education
Back Row: (left to right)
  • Tom Howard, M.A.M.C., Chaplain
Office Staff

Left to Right:
  • Roxanne Waddell, Director of Office Management
    Betty Tautfest, Executive Assistant
  • Harriet Simpson, Medical Accounts & IT Manager
  • Judy Bales, Receptionist

Durable Medical Equipment & Facilities Staff

Left to Right:
  • Gordon Goodger, DME Assistant
  • Steve Barr, Director of DME & Facilities
  • June Miller, Custodian
  • Gerry Correll, DME Assistant (Not Pictured)

Allied Therapy Staff

Left to Right
  • Cally Tull, C.M.T., Certified Massage Therapist
  • Julie Free, R.D./L.D., Dietician